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There are endless variations of the moves and chants for the Elastics game.

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In addition to the sequences on your Elastics game from Skipping Pebbles, here's another one to try. This includes 'diamonds' where the elastic is stretched to a diamond shape at one stage:
1. Jump in
2. Jump out - with one leg each side
3. Jump in
4. Jump on - one foot per strand
5. Jump out - to one side, with the toes of both feet under the elastic
6. Jump over to other side, taking elastic with feet
7. Jump out so the elastic goes back into place
8. Repeat sequence with elastic slightly higher.
Adding a rhyme to chant while playing is great fun, try this traditional one:
England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales
Inside, Outside, Monkeys' tails
Or another version:
2, 4, 6, 8
In, out, on
- If you touch the Elastics you're out - until the final moves where you are required to touch them.
- The end holders shake the Elastics to make it even harder.
- Play in teams where more than one person jumps at the same time.


Marguerite has sent us in this rhyme used in the 70's on the Gold Coast in Australia. Thank you Marguerite!

1. In, out (legs on either side)
2. Criss–cross, criss–cross (jump and cross legs over then
jump and put legs straight again, then jump and cross legs again – this time with other leg in front)
3. In, on (feet jump onto each side of the elastic)
4. Out criss-cross, criss-cross in, out (this time out is jump over and away from the elastics)

1. Over, over (jump with legs on either side of the elastics then jump and repeat on the other side)
2. In, out
3.Over, over
4. In, out

1. Start around the ankles of the two people holding the elastic
2. Then behind knees
3. Then “under-bums”
4. Then waists
5. Then necks (people used to hold it at this level with their hands so they didn’t hurt their necks)
6.Only allowed to touch the elastic during criss cross and on.


Here's a version sent in by Kahlia: (thanks!)

This is the rhyme we used to play by:

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales
Inside, Outside, Inside, On

1. Start with both feet on one side of elastics
2. England - jump so both feet land on other side
3. Ireland - jump back to how you started
4. Scotland - same as England
5. Wales - same as Ireland
6. Inside - jump so both feet land on the inside of elastics
7. Outside - jump so both feet land on outside of elastics
8. Inside - same as before
9. On - jump on elastics

You can’t touch elastics until ‘on’



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